The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the world in ways never imagined. From altering the way we live to placing the economy in a deplorable state to stealing the sparkle away from your favourite jewelry items, you will agree that the Coronavirus has affected every one of us in big and small ways.

Trapped in the confines of our homes, unable to step out, our jewelry pieces remain stagnant. Dust particles and germs feeding on them, ripping them of their quality. Fashion is about to become challenging when the virus finally leaves.

As an advocate for incorporating accessories in your kind of fashion, this will not happen under our watch, hence we curated 3 simple jewelry care tips to help you protect your favourite pieces in these times.


Jewelry Care Tips in COVID-19

 1. Keep Pieces Away From Hand Sanitizers

First on the list of jewelry care tips is to keep your rings, bracelets and wristwatches away from hand sanitizers.

If you are an essential worker, you may have a reason to step out. Although we cannot say for a fact if wearing accessories will cross your mind in these times, we also cannot speak for all jewelry lovers.

When washing your hands with soap and water, its best to remove any piece of jewelry you have on. The same goes for using hand sanitizers, do not leave your ring on your fingers while using hand sanitizers.

  2. Keep Away from Dust

Second on the list of jewelry care tips is preventing dust from getting to your jewelry.

If your jewellery has laid still for a while now, which they have, chances are that they will be covered in dust – we have the lockdown to thank for this. Considering that dust isn’t something we have control over, else we’d need not mop our floors every weekend, we have to find a way to eliminate them from our precious items, and we need to do this at intervals.

As described in point 3, clean your jewellery items to keep them sparkling and tuck them somewhere cool away from dust. There’s really no point in wiping them clean only to leave them at the mercy of specks of dust. No point jewellery lovers!

You can wrap them in soft clothing and place in your wardrobe or utilize more efficient ways to store them properly.

3. Clean Your Jewelry at Intervals

Well, it’s hard to run from this minute conniving particles called dust. Oh, germs too. Hence, it is safer to clean your jewellery items from time to time considering that they will be lying idle.

What’s more, these jewelry pieces have tiny crevices where germs can easily get to and stay hidden, so why not clean at intervals?

Here’s how to clean your jewelry at home.

How to Clean Fine Jewelry at Home

Fine jewelry is the term used to describe jewelry made from genuine precious metals like solid gold over plated gold, sterling silver, platinum, etc. This type of jewelry is also made from genuine precious gemstones like sapphires, pearls, etc.

Fine jewelry can be cleaned in a solution of warm water and dish soap. Let the piece settle in this solution for a few minutes, then scrub gently with a soft toothbrush.

To rinse, place in a bowl of warm water and gently dry with a soft cloth.

Depending on how unclean it is, you can leave it to soak for a while or utilize alcohol – since they are made of hard stones, they are able to withstand alcohol.

How to Clean Fashion Jewelry at Home

Fashion jewelry, also known as costume jewelry, describes jewelry made from base metals as opposed to precious metals, simulated stones as opposed to precious stones and metals plated with precious metals like gold or silver.

Since they are not as hard as fine jewelry, they should be cleaned less often in mild soap and warm water solution and gently. It is important to note that while fine jewelry can be cleaned with alcohol, fashion jewelry cannot withstand alcohol.

Usually, fashion jewelry is made of base metal with plating on top. Constant cleaning in a soap solution and scrubbing can cause the plating to wear off. Whenever possible, clean your fashion jewelry by wiping it with a soft cloth.

How to Clean Beaded Jewelry at Home

Beaded jewelry including bracelets and necklace can be cleaned in a solution of mild soap and warm water. Follow the same cleaning process as that of the fine jewelry, with exception of alcohol of course.

Accessories are awesome when they are at their best – sparkling and glowing. This is why it is important to nurture them, care for them – sounds like a baby, but you get the message, lol.

Have you been caring for your jewelry pre-Covid-19? Share with us your cleaning process, or better still, just tell us we did great sharing these tips with you. You are welcome.

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