Have you ever imagined why some people look super good in a particular color? They understand the colors that work best for their skin tone.

If you are going to go on your next shopping spree, it’d be great to know how to select the colors that brighten your skin. Wearing colors that are not suitable for your skin tone may lead to you looking less vibrant. Now you don’t want that, do you?

Like matching the perfect jewelry with your outfit, selecting the best color to wear for your skin tone might seem like a part-time job. I am happy to let you know it’s not.

In today’s article, I’d share with you a surefire way to identify the best clothing color for your skin tone. But first, let’s help you identify your skin tone.


Carry out the following to identify your skin tone:


  • Check your veins:

Examine your wrist for the color of your veins. If your veins are blue or purple, your skin tone is most likely cool. If green, your skin tone is warm. 

  • Carry out a jewelry test:

To identify the best clothing colors for your skin tone, pay attention to how the color of jewelry complements your skin. 

Use silver and gold jewelry for this test.

Don’t use earrings, so that you don’t end up observing colors against your face tones. Instead, use necklaces or bracelets to compare colors against your skin.

Notice how each color of jewelry makes your skin brighter. If gold jewelry brightens your skin, you are warm-toned. If the color of jewelry that brightens your skin is silver, you are cool-toned.

  • Carry out an outfit test:

This is almost similar to the jewelry test. 

Watch the clothing color that best complements your skin. If your skin beams in yellow, orange, or red outfits, your skin tone is warm. If your skin dazzles in blue, lavender, purple, or pink clothing, you are cool-toned.

Your skin tone is neutral if you have a hard time telling whether you are warm or cool.  

Having identified your skin tone as either warm, cool, or neutral, what then is the best clothing color for your skin tone. Read on.

Best Clothing Color for Your Skin tone

Typically, warm skin tones look admiring in warm clothing colors (red, orange, and yellow)

Cool skin tones look appealing in cool clothing colors (blue, green, purple)

Neutral skin tones look fabulous in warm and cool clothing colors combined.


While the above might come off as rules that you have to follow and seem like your creativity is being peddled with, remember that there are no rules.

View the above as guidelines that are worthy of helping you make the best styling decisions and bringing your outfits to life.

You are totally welcome to exploring colors and wearing whatever color you feel like. Nobody has the right to put you in a box, but as your fashion guide, I have every right to guide you along your journey. *winks.

Till we meet again.

Your fashion guide, Jummy.

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