As you embark on your exciting travel plans, one question remains: how do you ensure your beloved jewellery arrives at your destination untangled, safe, and ready to shine?

In this blog post, we’ll share valuable tips and tricks on how to pack your jewellery safely and stylishly for your summer escapades. From organizing delicate tiny chain necklaces to securing statement earrings, we’ve got you covered, ensuring your jewellery stays in top-notch condition while you create unforgettable memories under the sun.

Planning Your Jewelry for the Trip

When getting ready for your next trip, the first thing you should consider doing is planning your outfit and matching accessories. This is to avoid traveling with too much jewellery that you won’t wind up wearing and it also helps to prevent jewellery from going missing.

Handpick the outfits that you plan to wear, and choose only the jewelry that complements the outfits. Also, leave expensive pieces behind so that it wouldn’t hurt a bunch when you lose them. Expensive jewelry is best left at home unless you plan to wear them for a special occasion.

When you decide on what jewelry to pack for travel, take photos of all the jewelry items you plan to bring. This will be of great help when you are playing dress-up on your trip – you only need to look at the photos instead of having to take out all of your jewellery to know which piece to wear. Taking photos of all jewellery items will also help you to keep an eye on all the pieces you brought along, so you don’t leave any behind.

To make reaching for your jewellery much easier, you can have an extra bag dedicated to your jewellery.

Now that you have an idea of how to plan your jewellery for the trip. Let’s take you through some of the best ways to pack jewellery for travel.

How to Pack Jewelry for Travel

1. Pull the Necklace Through Straws

how to pack jewelry for travel

Not only are straws helpful with your drinks, but they can also be used to pack jewellery for travel – tiny chain necklaces especially.

To use a straw, undo the clasp of the necklace and pull one side of the necklace through the straw then connect the necklace together by closing the clasp. Depending on the length of your necklace, you may have to clip straws with a pair of scissors to fit the length of your necklace.

Image Credit: Wiki How

2. Get a Good Jewelry Case

how to pack jewelry for travel

The second item on how to pack jewellery for travel is using jewellery cases.

Jewellery cases come in various shapes and forms but they are commonly divided into compartments to enable you to store various kinds of jewellery including earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and so on.

Nonetheless, if you are looking to maximize space in your travel bag, you can opt for a jewellery roll.

3. Wrap Jewelry in Jewelry Rolls

how to pack jewelry for travel

With jewellery rolls, you can store nearly any type of jewellery from earrings to anklets and so on. They are also great for packing studs.

As the name suggests, all you need to do is place your jewelry in them and roll them over. Jewellery rolls usually come with a knot that helps to secure your jewellery in place. Depending on how much jewelry you want to pack, they are available in a variety of styles.

However, if you cannot make do with a jewelry roll, a microfiber cloth is a great alternative. The cloth is soft enough to keep your jewelry from scratch and is also great for packing necklaces as it keeps them from tangling.

To use a microfiber cloth, place necklaces on it while keeping them 2 inches apart from each other. Roll the cloth from one end of the necklace to the other end of the necklace, making sure that no two necklaces are in contact. Then tuck both ends of the cloth and you are all set.

Image Credit: Etsy

4. Pack Small Jewelry Pieces in a Pill Organizer

If you are looking to pack mostly small pieces, pill organizers are a great option. They typically come in compartments so they are perfect for storing rings, studs, and tiny chain necklaces or bracelets.

A best practice when storing with pill organisers is to store a single chain necklace per compartment to prevent them from getting tangled with other pieces.

5. Use Buttons for Dangling Earrings

Like straws, buttons have other uses. One of which is organizing earrings. Buttons are ideal for packing dangling earrings because the holes help to properly put them in place, and also keep them from getting tangled.

Got a spare button? Keep it, it just might come in handy. Alternatively, you can use the buttons on your clothing.

6. Place Jewelry Items in Plastic Bags

how to pack jewelry for travel

The last guide on how to pack jewellery for travel is utilizing plastic bags.

While tiny chain necklaces can be stored in pill organizers, chunky necklaces can be stored separately in plastic bags. Plastic bags come in multiple sizes; you can pick any of the sizes that best conform to the size of your jewellery.

You can pack together several small jewellery items like rings and studs in one plastic bag, while long necklaces, dangling earrings, bracelets and bulky necklaces should be packed in their own bags to avoid tangling.

As your travels draw to a close, you can reflect on the memories you’ve made and the stunning jewellery that accompanied you on this journey.  By applying these packing techniques on how to pack jewelry for travel, you’ve not only preserved the beauty of your precious pieces but also ensured they became an integral part of your stylish escapades. So, until the next sun-kissed adventure calls, keep these tips close and let your jewellery add a touch of sparkle to every travel tale. Bon voyage and happy styling!

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