No doubt, dressing for sunny weather is hard as you’d be required to dress totally differently from how you know it. You have to look out for light clothing, colour, looseness, and many other factors. It can get daunting when you don’t know how to mix, match and style specific outfits for the sunny weather, not to mention the thought of not looking put together.

We are sure you’d feel relieved to know that there are helpful tips to guide you on styling during these times, and we’d be happy to share them with you. These tips are pointers to guide you on where to start. We’d also share with you some sunny weather outfit ideas and how some of your favourite celebrities are rocking them!

Sit back and relax, you are about to achieve what many struggle with – looking fashionable in the heat!

Fashion Tips for Styling Sunny Weather Outfits

  • Wear Breathable Clothing. Choose clothes with light fabrics like cotton, silk, and linen to allow airflow through your body.
  • Opt for Vibrant Colors. Go for clothes with brighter colours. Dark colours absorb energy from the sun, whereas bright colours like white, orange, yellow, etc reflect light away from the body.
  • Go For Short Sleeves, Loose Sleeves, or Sleeveless. Dressing for sunny weather is solely about allowing as much air as possible to flow through the body. Opt for clothes with short sleeves, sleeveless or loose sleeves.  Men who have to show up at work may not have the option of going sleeveless. Instead, opt for long sleeves in breathable fabrics.
  • Wear Loose Clothing. To allow for airflow, avoid skin-tight clothing.

Let’s take a deep dive into some sunny weather outfit ideas and how your favourite celebrities are rocking them!

Sunny Weather Outfit Ideas

  1. Wear one-piece outfits

How to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfit ideas_jumpsuit

There has never been a better time than now to throw on your summer dresses! One-piece outfits like dresses, jumpsuits, etc are great because they are straightforward to wear and do not require layering. They are also perfect for the beach. If you are going to don one, make sure that they are loose and comfy enough to let air flow through your body.



2. Go for Vibrant Monochromes

Sunny weather outfit ideas_white monochrome

The elegance that comes with wearing monochromes is unmatched, especially in white!

We love how Olar and Shaffy styled their all-white outfit! It speaks elegance, class, and royalty which is absolutely beautiful to stare at!

To get through the sunny weather, pick out monochromes in vibrant colours (orange, yellow, blue, etc.). The goal is to look fashionable while surviving this season after all.

Like Olar, you can chip in a hat into your white monochrome look; it’s sunny these days!

Men, take a cue from Wizkid’s loose cotton shirt, pants, and accessories (to the right). Simple and classy.

white monochrome zeefarh


3. Bottoms

sunny outfit ideas_bottoms

Another sunny weather outfit idea is bottom shorts. If you are comfortable with showing off some skin, you can opt for shorts, but avoid thick pieces of denim and go for their lighter counterparts like linen/cotton shorts or lighter pieces of denim.


4. Opt for wide-leg trousers

sunny weather outfit ideas_pallazos

Wide-leg trousers are great if you do not want to show off some skin. They usually have a loose fit around the legs so they are a perfect alternative to tight-fitting jeans/pants. 

To style wide-leg trousers, opt for culottes or palazzos, and pair them with either crop tops, tunics as Olar did, or loose-fitting vintage-like shirts. We love styling our palazzos with all three 😍.


5. Tops

sunny outfit ideas_offshoulder

Pick out tops with short sleeves, loose sleeves, or sleeveless to aid airflow. Off-shoulder tops are a great option. You can also consider loose crop tops that will not hug your torso or stomach.

Rihanna’s style combination of her off-shoulder top and loose boyfriend jeans exudes sexy masculinity! It’s kudos to her accessories and Stilleto heels.



6. Footwear

How to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfit ideas_slides

Choose open-toe shoes like sandals and slides. They’d keep your toes exposed and help to let air through your feet. On the other hand, run as far as you can away from Leather and Suede shoes.


7. Accessories

Accessories are a big part of your look. Although you may not be wearing too many accessories, there are a few that are perfect for the sunny weather.

Looking fashionable in the hot weather is like eating your cake and having it, and that’s why you want to be thoughtful of how you style yourself this season because you’d be dressing less. However, accessories are available to help you elevate your look. At the end of the day, with accessories, you are eating your cake and having it!

Here are a few that are perfect for the sunny weather:

  • Dangling earrings or studs

How to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfit ideas_dangling earrings zeefarh

This is a better option than necklaces because they won’t stick to your skin and cause you to feel the heat. They are also lightweight and comfy. Opt for colourful tassel earrings to look stylish.


  • Sunglasses

how to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfits_sunglasses

Typically goes with every outfit and protects you from the ray of the sun while looking fashionable at the same time. You can also opt for sunglasses with bright-coloured frames to accessorize your look. It’s a win-win if you ask me.


  • Silk scarf 

how to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfits_scarf

Silk scarves are lightweight and versatile and help you accessorize your outfit in so many awesome ways. Tap here to discover the different ways to style silk scarves. 


  • Hair accessories. This is a thoughtful way to elevate your look.



  • Raffia bags

how to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfits_raffiabag

Swap leather bags for wooden bags. They’d make a perfect accessory for your beach outfits.


  • Straw hats / woven hats

how to dress for sunny weather: sunny weather outfits_straw hat

The last sunny weather accessory on the list is a Straw hat. Straw hats are fashionable and breezy, and let air through your head. They are also a perfect accessory to your beach outfits.


In Conclusion,

Remember that the goal is to look fashionable in the heat. Regardless of the weather, you shouldn’t be caught off-guard. Which of the sunny weather outfit ideas is your favourite? We’d be waiting in the comments.

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