If you’re looking for unique gifts for Christmas, then look no further. This post covers Christmas jewelry gift ideas in Nigeria that you can offer your loved ones, so you can spend less time in the mall and more time relaxing with your friends and family during the holidays.

Dive in!

Holiday Jewelry Gifts for Men & Women in Nigeria

Men’s Bracelet Sets 

Christmas Jewelry Gifts for Men & Women in Nigeria

What’s better than wearing one bracelet? Wearing two bracelets! 

Bracelets are a staple for every man’s wardrobe. As little as they are, they have a special way of adding glamour to a man’s outfit without going unnoticed.

To absolutely bring out the charm in a bracelet set, adorn them with your trad wears and watch how it gives you away as a boss!

If you are looking to gift a man a Christmas jewelry gift in Nigeria, don’t buy them another wristwatch, add a bracelet set from Zeefarh to their existing jewelry collection.


Women’s earrings 

Christmas Jewelry Gifts for Men & Women in Nigeria

Ever heard this song, ‘my money don’t jiggle joggle, it folds?’

Well, what better way to get your money folding than gifting her a foldable pair of earrings this Holiday gifting season? 

Shop the Wobble Earrings here.


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Chain Necklace 

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If your ideal Christmas gift recipient is someone who’s stylish, they’d be happy to adorn chain necklaces. 

Our chain necklaces give men the freedom to style their necklaces however they want. They can be worn individually or paired with one another to form layers in a very creative way. For example, he can pair a choker-length chain necklace with a pendant chain necklace in this manner.

If you’ve got a hip man in your corner who loves necklaces, look nowhere else and buy them a chain necklace from Zeefarh!


Variety Bracelets

Christmas Jewelry Gifts for Men & Women in Nigeria

One of the top things on the list of things that women in fashion search for is “how to wear a fashion item in different ways.” And as it is widely known, variety is the spice of life.

Then allow our variety of stainless steel bracelets to add spice to the lives of the ladies in your corner this gifting season and watch them style them in different ways.

Also, you can mix the stainless steel bracelets with some of our beaded bracelets; simply let us know what tickles her fancy.

Explore the variety of bracelets here.  Shop here.


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Beaded Choker Necklaces

Our Beaded Choker Necklaces are short-length necklaces handcrafted from precious stones. Like chain necklaces, they are the perfect Christmas jewelry gift for the stylish man you know.

He can get creative with this piece of jewelry by attaching an extra pendant to the choker necklace as one of our clients did. There is no limit to ingenuity when styling jewelry. 

Got that bead lover around, a beaded choker necklace for Christmas may be a good idea.


Layered Necklaces

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Again, what’s better than wearing a necklace? Wearing layered necklaces! A layer of two or more matching necklaces will always look more pleasing than one. 

Layered necklaces add life to an outfit and are very noticeable. They are more tangible than a single necklace and give meaning to gifting, making them a great Christmas jewelry gift idea. Explore layered necklaces here


Everyone loves a piece of jewelry and we dare say that your loved ones will feel the same way. If you want to go the extra mile, you can combine our jewelry gifts with another gift of your choice, otherwise, a simple jewelry gift with personalised packaging like we offer works fine.

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