Congratulations, you’ve made it to the last week before Christmas. Time is running short and you’re running out of ideas of what to get your loved ones. Whether you have a wife or girlfriend who’s impossible to shop for, a boyfriend or husband you are not sure what to buy, a mother who never likes her gifts or just a work colleague you need a present for – we’ve got you covered. We know how hard it can be to find something for the people in your life and we want to take that stress away from you so you can enjoy the last few days before Christmas.

Below you can find some interesting last-minute Christmas gift ideas that everyone will love.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

A necklace

Last-minute christmas gift ideas

When thinking about last-minute Christmas gift ideas, you may not think of a necklace. But wait — there are several great reasons why necklaces make excellent gifts for family and friends. Necklaces can be beautiful reminders of the relationships we have with others and also can help your friend or family member to keep a much-loved memory close to their heart.

Treat your loved ones to a beautiful new necklace. Nothing says you care like a present that will sparkle for years to come. Necklaces are special because they can be worn every day and provide a subtle reminder of your love. The right necklace will be around long after the Christmas tree is chopped up and tossed in the trash.

Choose a gift based on her personality. Do you have an adventurous aunt who loves hanging out? Is your girlfriend or sister always playing dress-up? A necklace with a simple yet elegant pendant would be a thoughtful choice for either of these women. On the other hand, if someone has an artistic flair, give her a moon pendant necklace that reflects her unique personality.



Last minute Christmas gift ideas

Wear your heart on your sleeve and show the world how much you love your friends and family with a gorgeous gift that says it all. We’re talking about bracelets to brighten any wrist, and our range of designs will help you find just the right piece for the special people in your life. 

Bracelets have become very popular over the past few years. Everyone wears them, and they come in all different styles and colors. They are versatile and can be worn for casual or formal occasions. They are also fairly inexpensive, so anyone on your list will appreciate them.

So why not make this year extra memorable, by giving someone something truly special? Offer them here


A notepad

Help your loved ones document their best Christmas memories with a notepad.

Personalized greeting cards

Christmas is a time for family and friends to spend time together, so share pleasantries with the people in your life with personalized greeting cards.


Hand-woven baskets

Want to do something different this Christmas? Get a handmade woven basket that can be used to Christmas decorations in the home.


Scented Candles

The holidays are times when everyone spends time together at home. Get the house smelling nice and feeling homely with scented candles.


A duffle bag

For that friend, co-worker or partner that loves to travel home for the holidays, a duffle bag will help them pack lightly and conveniently.



Here’s another Christmas gift idea perfect for your loved ones that love to travel for Christmas. Offer them a noise cancellation earbud to help them enjoy their journey.


Grill set

It’s Christmas and we love delicious grilled barbecue chicken. Set the ball rolling with a grill set as a Christmas gift.


Bluetooth printer

While the norm is to draw up mobile phones and cameras to take photos, you can help your loved ones cherish exciting memories with a printed picture of their family that they can feel and hold on to. 


There are countless options for last-minute Christmas gifts out there, and we could go on for days. We hope this list was able to provide you with some last-minute gift ideas.

But don’t let that January deadline stop you from shopping; a lot of the ideas on this list make great gifts for any occasion, and we highly recommend Jewelry because they are one of the most precious things which have deep meaning, plus you don’t have to worry about going overboard; most women would be happy with a simple pair of bracelets or pendant necklace. So it’s better to choose a meaningful piece of jewelry instead of wasting your time on cheap stuff that you can get anywhere. Here at Zeefarh, we offer beautiful pieces that are sure to make any one swoon.

Ultimately, though, your loved ones will be not just grateful for your thoughtfulness but also delighted for hours, if not days and weeks, to come.

And if you’re still getting together or shopping online with friends and family in this final week before Christmas, good luck!

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