Wearing a bracelet is rapidly becoming a trend among the male gender. It is great news that men have upped their accessory game beyond wristwatches, and we are particularly grateful for this. While this article is centered on how to wear a bracelet with a watch, it wouldn’t hurt to let you into why you should wear bracelets at all.

Should you Wear a Bracelet with a Watch?

Accessories like your wristwatch complement your outfit. It completes your look. It perfects it. When it is not present, it creates a void that needs to be filled, and when it is, no matter how subtle, impacts your look significantly. It is like a touch of elegance; the touch of elegance that you need. Adding a bracelet to your wristwatch says a lot about how stylish and fashion-conscious you are. If your wristwatch already makes you look stylish, wearing a bracelet with a wristwatch will heighten your style even more.

The question is, now that men are adapting to wearing bracelets, are they considering pairing them with a wristwatch?

If you are a man who already wears bracelets, and is looking to pair them with a watch, this guide is for you. If you are a man who already wears bracelets, and the thought of pairing bracelets with a watch has not crossed your mind just yet, I am glad you stumbled on this piece.

Very quickly, let us dive into this guide that will show you how to wear a bracelet with a watch. Sit back and relax, the way you accessorize is about to change forever!

How to Wear a Bracelet with a Watch

1. Wear Bracelets to Complement Your Wristwatch

The first tip on how to wear a bracelet with a watch has got to be following the rule of accessorizing.

The first rule when it comes to wearing any accessory is to leverage it to compliment your outfit, not to take the charm away from it. This rule is appropriate for wearing a bracelet with a watch.

You must ensure that your bracelet is not competing with your watch for the spotlight but should be playing the role of extra spice to your look.

When wearing a bracelet with a watch, only pair a flamboyant watch with a less flashy bracelet. Avoid pairing a dazzling watch with an equally dazzling bracelet. This will create confusion over which accessory should be grabbing attention and can influence your overall style.

Key take-away: when wearing more than one accessory, each piece of the accessory must be in sync with the other, and the accessories put together, in sync with your entire look.

2. Stacks of Bracelets Can Be Worn with a Watch

How to Wear a Bracelet with a Watch

Secondly, you are welcome to wear more than one bracelet with your wristwatch – something I like to call bracelet stacks.

However, when going for stacks of bracelets, you should keep it simple and clean, else your wrist starts to scream accessories.

When pairing multiple bracelets or stacks of bracelets with a watch, go for smaller sized bracelets. For example, if you choose to wear two bracelets with a wristwatch, it is best to wear two small bracelets, preferably with a stone size of 8mm, if it is a beaded bracelet. If you choose three, go for bracelets in size 6mm.

Avoid pairing multiple big bracelets with a watch, e.g. bracelets of bead size 10mm and above. If you must pair a big bracelet with a watch, it is better to wear one. 

This is to ensure that there is less noise on your wrist and more coordination. In other words, you don’t have too many things going on, on one wrist. Remember that there are other things to pay attention to – your wristwatch, sunglasses (if you are wearing one) and of course your outfit. Every single piece has to agree with each other to give you that balanced look.

You can go as far as wearing four bracelets. In this case, you want to consider colour, you also want to consider the stone size. Whatever you do, remember that less is more. But if you feel that you can pull it off, go right ahead.

Key take-away: when pairing stacks of bracelets with a watch, don’t forget to keep the stone size in check and keep the colours cool, as there are many of them. Else you defeat the purpose of the bracelet as an accessory.

3. Pair Bracelet With Wristwatch Of the Same Metal

How to Wear a Bracelet with a Watch

The third tip on how to wear a bracelet with a watch is choosing the best matching bracelet. If you are going to wear a bracelet made of some kind of metal, pair it with a wristwatch of the same metal. For example, if you are going to wear a gold wristwatch, pair it with a gold bracelet, and not a bracelet in another metal, like silver.

This will make your wrist game look more correlated, and give you an elegant overall appearance.

Also, some non-metal bracelets like beaded bracelets are made with metallic details in them. It is best to pair such bracelets with a matching wristwatch. If you choose a beaded bracelet with silver details or silver accessory, it will make sense to pair it with a wristwatch in silver.

4. Use Watch Straps to Create Matching Colors

How to Wear a Bracelet with a Watch

Lastly, wearing matching colours of a bracelet and wristwatch is a great way to enhance your wrist game and achieve a more stylish look.

This is not to say that the bracelet has to match the colour of the watch. You can create matching colours of your bracelet and wrist-watch with watch straps.

If you have a variety of watch straps in different colours, depending on the colour of your bracelet, you can easily switch between any of them to pair with your bracelet.

In conclusion,

Being stylish shouldn’t be limited to only clothes. Accessorising, although immensely untapped, is a great way to take your style a notch higher. Matching the right bracelet with the right watch while keeping in mind colour, bead size, details, coordination will make you even more stylish and position you as someone with a great sense of style.

The average person will see exploring varieties of clothing as being stylish. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with this as the ability to create new styles and pull it off amazingly well shows a great amount of creativity, adding accessories to your outfit shows that you are ready to go the extra mile to look stylish and understand that being stylish is beyond clothes. It shows that you are willing to do more than the average person.

It’s about time you do more when you play dress up, and the only way to do more is to accessorise!

Now that you understand the nitty-gritty of pairing a bracelet with a wristwatch, go ahead and accessorise better. The way you accessorise will definitely change forever! In a good way, of course.

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