Chances are that you’re wearing at least one piece of jewelry right now – a watch, a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or a ring. This particular piece of jewelry has probably become an integral part of your style. But what if you want to incorporate jewelry into your everyday look without bidding farewell to your expensive watch so soon? Or you have no jewelry on at all but you are looking to start small with casual jewelry,? Then you are in luck because today’s article brings you tips on how to choose jewelry for your everyday wear.  So, let’s dive right in

How to choose the perfect everyday jewelry

To get started with choosing everyday jewelry, go for modest pieces like rings, nose rings (for women), simple necklaces, and earrings. On very casual days, ditch your diamond wristwatch for a bracelet, or as an alternative, buy a less expensive watch. 

Now, here’s how to choose your everyday jewelry. 

       1. Understand your motivation

Before choosing everyday jewelry, it will be helpful to understand that casual jewelry is not style-dependent. It’s more about the purpose for which it is worn. For instance, everyday jewelry may not be for you if you tend towards an elaborate style. This is why you must be certain of why you want to adorn casual jewelry in the first place.

      2. Pick minimal pieces over bulky pieces

Since everyday jewelry is meant to be worn frequently, you should keep them simple and minimal. Bulky pieces like heavy beaded necklaces will not take you through the day as lighter pieces would.

Lighter pieces like a stud earring, a set of rings, a tiny chain necklace, a simple hoop earring, and a bracelet make great minimal everyday jewelry pieces. 

      3. Think about your budget

Money is almost always a determining factor. Think about how much you’d like to spend on your everyday jewelry collection. At Zeefarh, we offer various jewelry packages that include necklaces, earrings, nose rings, bracelets, and rings depending on your budget and goal. Send us a message to discuss your goal. 

     4. Pick neutral colors

Being stuck on color combination ideas shouldn’t be part of your everyday jewelry styling. Pick neutral colors that are easy to style to match any look. 

     5. Go for Durable Pieces

When choosing casual jewelry, go for pieces that are durable and can stand the test of time as they’d be worn regularly.

     6. Pick pieces that are comfy

You should not sacrifice comfort for looking good. So, only pick pieces that you find comfortable wearing from time to time. 

     7. Explore various jewelry styles.

Just because it’s tagged everyday jewelry doesn’t mean that it should be boring. Try out various jewelry styling hacks like wearing tiny chain necklaces in layers, wearing rings in a stack, layering your bracelets, etc. 

In addition, make an attempt to mix different jewelry types. For instance, you can try out pendant necklaces today and chokers tomorrow. Studs today, light hoops tomorrow. Bracelets today, wrist watches tomorrow. All of these jewelry items have their minimal counterparts. Have fun mixing them. 

     8. Be intentional about versatility

Fashion thrives in versatility, and so does jewelry. Versatility is what gives birth to style and creativity, so when choosing everyday jewelry, explore your creative side and style your jewelry to match your look. With this, you’d find purpose in adorning simple jewelry.

To round up…

Have an open mind when deciding upon a piece of jewelry that you plan to wear every day. There are plenty of options in the market, and these 8 tips will hopefully help you decide on the perfect functional piece. But if you are confused about the type of pieces to buy or how to go about choosing the perfect everyday jewelry, we currently offer free consultation and we’d be happy to help you get started. Send us a message to discuss your goal. 

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